With the family at the park

This is my most complicated photo session up until now. They were 9 people, 4 of them kids and nobody would look at the camera. Because of their complicate schedule, we shoot at the Südpark in the afternoon on a cloudy day.

The older boy only wanted to kick the ball, the little boy was playing with the phone. The younger girl was jealous of the older one and didn't want to pose with her. Mom was worried about clothes and the 2 older brothers got lost on their way to the location.

Somehow and with the help of my beloved photoshop, I managed to get some pics together. I swapped a few heads and created a nice sunset to lighten up the images. Here is the result and, of course, the girls are my main subject. They both like to pose and look great on all the pictures.

And here we go, everybody in the same picture, although these is a composite of 3 pictures put together.

This is the original one. Who needs to have a weather app if you've got Photoshop.

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