Tips for a stress-free photo shooting

A well-planned photo shooting can be a lot of fun. You just had a baby, are tired, pained and maybe overwhelmed but your baby will be a newborn just for a few days. They grow so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep up.

Photos are the best way to hold on to those beautiful memories our children create. Professional photos are even better.

The ideal session would be you having a tea and relaxing at the couch (or even taking a quick nap) and I would be posing the sleeping baby all on my own for no more than 2 hours (I think more than that is too much for the baby and the parents). You would hear a soft white noise and feel very warm (for the sake of the baby).

As a mom, you will probably want to help, but sometimes it is better if you just relax and watch. The baby can smell and feel you, which makes him want to be with you. This can lead to crying or staying awake.

Feeding the baby shortly before the session makes him sleepy and calm. If he knows mom is around he will probably "ask" for more milk. My best sessions so far were those where mom helped from the distance and I did the rest.

Although noise is ok, everybody likes a quite environment to relax and sleep. I like to chat with the parents during the session, but I think keeping the voices down and limiting the talking around the baby helps everybody to relax.

Take a look at the short list of tips that I put together for you to be prepared in advance.


I might be adding more tips according to what I experience in every session but for the time being I think this rounds up the basics.