Maila & Amelie, 15 months

We were at the park on a beatiful Autumn day with these cute twins. This is the first time I do a twins shooting and it was a big challenge. If one girl cries, the other follows, if one looks at the camera, the other would look at the dog passing by.

They are little toddlers so it was difficult to get them to interact without climbing on each other, trying to get mum's attention or just wandering of in different directions but we've got something here.

Mum was very helpful dancing and singing for them. All in all, it was really fun.

This is Maila...

and this is Amelie.

Mum, the entertainer, was singing and dancing to get their attention. It is funny to see the faces of passerby when doing a shooting outdoors.

The girls in their own world, oblivious to what happens around them.

Mum gave them bread to keep them happy. You know what they say: "Full belly, happy heart".

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